About Us

Convened in 2009 by the National Athletic Trainers' Association, the Youth Sports Safety Alliance is comprised of nearly 290 members ranging from parent advocate groups, research institutions, professional associations, health care organizations, and youth sports leagues. YSSA has one goal; make America's sports programs safer for young adults.

YSSA has created a National Action Plan to give specific guidance to policymakers about the steps that will accomplish that goal. Organized sports bring health benefits to children but the lure of college scholarship or a future professional sports career may tempt kids to ignore pain and injuries, with the result of lifelong injuries or even worse. To protect one of America's most treasured traditions - amateur and professional sports - we must also assure that they are played safely and that when inevitable injuries do occur, someone knows what to do. 

Safety measures are not costly when compared with the tens of thousands - even hundreds of thousands - of dollars spent on sporting events. The investment in a healthy future for student athletes will pay dividends in better students, reduced medical bill and lives free from pain.