YSSA January Newsletter: Member Spotlight

CAN Recover was inspired by the experience of its founders and the realization of a communal need.  Both Aaron Rocha and Mike Santee battled post-concussion syndrome for up to 2 years and were withheld from returning to the sports they love. Through their experiences, they realized that there is no effective support available for student-athletes like themselves. Seeing how much impact they had on each others' recoveries by providing empathetic support, they immeidately wanted to start helping others overcome the physcial and emotional challenges of a prolonged concussion recovery.

CAN Recover is a unique organization in that it is operated by student-athletes who have experienced prolonged concussion recoveries first hand as well as those closest to them. It includes knowledgeable board members, a committee of student-athletes who have suffered post-concussion syndrome, family, friends, and you (by building CAN Recover's community through word of mouth).; In the past year, CAN Recover’s core team expanded to nine (all of whom have been effected by post-concussion syndrome in one way or another) and have built strategic partnerships with medical institutions such as The Micheli Center at Boston Children’s Hospital and ChiroPro Performance. One of CAN Recover’s main initiatives in early 2016 is to partner with athletic trainers to offer its peer-to-peer support for student-athletes who may benefit from it.

  • Have you suffered a concussion? Share your story via this CANRecover Submission Form and gain support from others who have experienced an injury like yours.
  • Please email the CANRecover team or visit CANrecover.org to learn how to get involved.


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